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Where to Buy Beyblades

Here you can find where to but all types of beys in deferent sites and locations!

 eBay - Beyblades ordered in listed time;
CoolJoe-uk - Safe and serious UK seller;
BuzzToys2007 - Safe seller known for its low prices;
Enterhearth - Safe seller with slightly high prices;
All@Korea - Korean shop, it sells SonoKong blades (original);

UK ONLINE SHOPS - UK shop (cheap prices for Metal Fight Beyblade and all the latest releases). - They sell also the new Metal Fight Beyblades (recommended for who want the latest MFB releases as soon as possible);

Collectors Paradise;

LeoShop - Verified seller.

JAPAN ONLINE SHOPS - Japanese shop. Here you can find the new MFB releases directly from Japan (recommended for who want the new MFB releases ASAP ^_^) - Japanese shop. Here you can find some of the latest MFB releases.
Toyking - Japanese shop;
Yahoo! Japan Auctions - If you want to buy rare blades you have to buy from Japanese stores (recommended if you buy lots of blades)(go to the WBO Forumto know how buy from there);
Hobby Link Japan - If you want to purchase or pre-order the latest releases go there. Low prices.

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